About Us

The Clinical Infectious Diseases Society (CIDS) is an organization of and for physicians, health professionals and scientists that advances the specialty of Infectious Diseases in India through programs of education, research, advocacy and professional support.


Our mission is to fight against Infectious Diseases in India by educating health care professionals, sharing new knowledge, advancing research, and advocating the highest quality care for patients.


  • Educate healthcare professionals
  • Share new knowledge to healthcare professionals and the public
  • Promote the highest quality patient care by serving as the professional organization informing health policy in Infectious Diseases
  • Advance patient care and research in Infectious Diseases by strengthening clinicians, researchers, and educators
  • Facilitate cooperation and interaction between physicians and the governmental bodies on infectious diseases policymaking in India
  • Develop as key opinion makers for issues related to Infectious Diseases


On 13 March 2010, a group of ID Physicians from all over the country came together in Vellore, drawn by the shared need to make a difference, with the primary goal of planning for the fight against infectious diseases in India. By then it was clear that antimicrobial resistance was going to be a major public health threat, HIV was rampant, TB, though no longer in the news, killed 1000 people in the country every day, and emerging or re-emerging infections were common with many going unrecognized. With such pressing need and the mutual desire to bring about change, the stage was set to launch a society dedicated to the furtherance and dissemination of knowledge in infectious diseases. This resulted in formation of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society.

In the span of a few short years, the society has managed to create a significant impact in the country. The important ‘Chennai Declaration’, a key event in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, was put forth during the second annual meeting of CIDS. Additionally, CIDS has taken an active role in the promotion of ID education in the country. With these and other accomplishments already taking place in our short history, the future holds great promise with our members continuing to come together to make a needed difference for our country.