The Clinical Infectious Diseases Society conducted its 4th annual conference (CIDSCON 2014) in Bangalore from the 22nd to 24th August . The conference was attended by over 700 delegates from all over the country, and showcased both national and international faculty who discussed a number of infectious disease issues relevant to India.

These included antibiotic resistance and measures to tackle the same including antibiotic stewardship and hospital infection control, newer challenges in treatment of HIV/AIDS ,and tackling the huge burden of TB in the country, including drug resistant TB. The meeting also included presentations and discussion on other areas of infectious diseases such as infections related to organ transplant and cancer chemotherapy, tropical diseases common in India and the threat of exotic, imported infections such as Ebola virus.

The inaugural session featured the keynote address by Dr V. M Katoch, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research, on India’s response to antimicrobial resistance. In his speech he emphasized the need for more research and a greater collaboration between governmental and nongovernmental organizations like the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society in tackling the problem.