Influenza H1N1 update - India

Contributed by Dr Veeren Ganta, Dr Ashwini Tayade


As of 20th Feb,2019, a total of 65 people succumbed to [influenza A] H1N1 virus in the country last week [week of 11 Feb 2019], pushing the death toll due to swine flu [influenza A(H1N1) virus] this year [2019] to 377, according to the Union Health Ministry, while the number of those infected by it has crossed 12,000.

  • Rajasthan reported the highest number of cases (3508) and fatalities (127), the ministry data showed.Gujarat was placed 2nd on the list with 71 deaths and 1983 cases.In Delhi, 7 people died while 2278 people were infected by the virus. Punjab reported 31 deaths and 410 cases, followed by Madhya Pradesh 30 deaths and 128 cases. In Himachal Pradesh, 27 people died due to the virus and 224 were infected. Jammu and Kashmir reported 22 deaths and 293 cases; Maharashtra 17 deaths and 330 cases; and in Haryana, 7 people died while 752 people were affected.
  • The data showed 12 191 people tested positive for H1N1 virus in the country this year till [17 Feb 2019]. Last year [2018], 14 992 cases and 1103 deaths due to the [influenza A/H1N1 virus] were reported.