This is the season for JE Virus

Gradually, Japanese encephalitis (JE) is spreading its wings over the State of Madhya Pradesh. Currently, there are 8 patients of Japanese Encephalitis found positive in Madhya Pradesh so far and three of them are from Bhopal as dated on 11.11.2018.

Few days back a 3 year old child died of JE. Health officials have already started research about the virus around the localities of positive patients. Dr Himanshu Jaiswar, director of the State Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, talking to a newspaper said that in the wake of rising vectorborne diseases, the State Vector Borne Disease Control Department is conducting local entomological work, especially at the native lands of JE patients. He said that the vector borne disease control department is trying to get control over JE. The department has already commissioned local entomological work and the health department is trying to overcome the disease as early as possible. 1

Subsequent to a major outbreak of JE in Eastern UP during 2005, GoI introduced JE vaccination with SA-14-14-2 vaccine in phased manner starting from 2006. As per Govt. of India guidelines, 2 doses of JE vaccine have been approved to be included in UIP to be given one along with measles at the age of 9 months and the second with DPT booster at the age of 16-24 months w.e.f. April, 2013. On 3rd July, 2014 the Government of India (GOI) announced the introduction of four new vaccines, including JE vaccine, in the National immunization program. The JE vaccine would be available for adults in 179 districts in nine states where the disease is highly prevalent. The policy to mass vaccinate adults has raised several including the prevalence of the disease in children, already acquired immunity in adults due to clinically inapparent infection, possible change in the antigenic property of the virus, the real effectiveness of the vaccine and more importantly the need to concentrate on other causes of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. 4


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