Programs and Policies

Criteria for eligibility for Executive Committee/Governing Council:

1. Has been an Executive Member (life membership) of CIDS for at least 2 years.
2. Commitment to mentoring of juniors and furthering the policies of CIDS.
3. Continued availability for CIDS activities - academic and organizational (newsletter editor, newsletter contributor – minimum 5 articles, state / city chapter convener, CIDS subcommittee membership etc.)
4. Organizational involvement in at least 1 conference in India – CIDSCON or national / state level conference of a professional society as organizing committee president, secretary or chair of scientific committee.
5. First or corresponding author for at least three (3) peer reviewed publications after completion of ID training. These should be original research articles published in journals included in the following databases: Scopus, PubMed, Medline, EMBASE, Index Medicus, Index Copernicus, and IndMED.

CIDS Endorsement Policy for CMEs:

CIDS is committed to promoting education in Infectious Diseases and the exchange of scientific information in order to support its primary mission. To this end, CIDS will actively endorse medical meetings that are consistent with the vision and mission of the society and will partner with other medical societies, organizations and institutions in order to support and advance scientific and educational meetings on Infectious Diseases.

Programs Eligible for Endorsement:
Programs of sufficient relevance and quality developed by other societies, organizations or institutions that support the mission of CIDS are eligible for endorsement, subject to approval by the Governing Body. Endorsement by CIDS means that CIDS has reviewed the content of the course and deemed it in line with the CIDS mission, vision and core values.

Endorsement Criteria & Policies:
Endorsement is provided if the program content meets criteria indicating it is of scientific merit consistent with the principles of CIDS following the criteria.
- Endorsed meetings must include minimum three CIDS members on the faculty
- CIDS will not consider an endorsement request from industry
- The endorsed meeting will be posted on CIDS website
- All scientific programs seeking endorsement must submit an application along with the program that lists the following
Sponsoring organization / institution
Names and affiliations of the program organizers
Proposed topics with learned objectives
Target audience
List of speakers with their CV

CIDS Visiting Professor program:

Aims and objectives:
The purpose of the program is to expose students, postgraduates and faculty of a medical college without an ID department, or physicians in a city with no or few ID physicians, to an eminent Infectious Disease physician for a day. This exposure will hopefully translate into better clinical practice of ID locally, stimulate interest in the subspecialty and society, and in the long run, result in growth of the speciality and establishment of ID departments locally.

Any medical college or city fulfilling the criteria above, could approach either CIDS or the visiting professor directly, and arrange a mutually convenient date and program.
Any current or former CIDS executive committee member would qualify as Visiting Professor.
To maximize academic time and minimize travel time and lodging expenses, single day morning to evening programs are preferred. A day long program would typically include
- 2-3 didactic lectures
- city wide ID case conference
- ward rounds
- clinic bedside teaching on patients with interesting and challenging ID problems
- assistance with infection control issues

CIDS will pay for travel of the visiting professor, while the hosting organization will take care of local logistics and hospitality.
The EC of CIDS is to be informed of date, approximate travel cost and tentative program by email beforehand. After a brief feedback mail by the visiting professor after the program is given to the EC and expenses and receipts turned in, reimbursement of expenses will be done.

CIDS city/state chapters:

Aims and objectives:
The purpose of a local chapter is to stimulate regular didactic lectures, case conferences and other academic events involving CIDS members in a local area; this will in turn ensure continued academic activity year round instead of at the annual CIDSCON only.

Any CIDS executive member interested in setting up a city or state chapter, can write to the CIDS secretary and volunteer to be "co-ordinator" of the local chapter.
A minimum of 3 CIDS members should be part of the local chapter, and a tentative plan for meetings at least once every 3-6 months (can be more frequent) should be submitted. The EC of CIDS will then approve formation of the chapter. The first meeting of the chapter will include one of the CIDS EC members to ensure that meetings are consonant with the principles of CIDS.
Meetings of local chapters should be low budget ones organized at hospitals or auditoriums and all expenses would be taken care of by chapter members. A feedback mail to the EC after each meeting summarizing the activity is required.