Current Subcommittee Chairpersons:

  1. HIV Medicine - Dr Rajeev Soman
  2. Adult Immunisation & Travel Medicine - Dr V Ramasubramanian
  3. Transplant ID - Dr Subramanian Swaminathan
  4. Infection Control - Dr Anup Warrier
  5. Tropical Medicine - Dr George M Varghese

Subcommittee consists of members of the CIDS with special interest in the specific field with the goal of promoting the area in education, research and advocacy. A subcommittee will have a chair person, secretary and members.

Rules for the subcommittee:


  • Chair of the subcommittee has to be an EC member.
  • Any EC member can chair only one subcommittee at a time.
  • Chair of the subcommittee should not be the president/secretary/treasurer of CIDS.
  • Chair is selected for a term of two years by the EC of CIDS.
  • The term may be extended as determined by the EC.


  • Secretary of a subcommittee has to be a member of CIDS.
  • Cannot be an office bearer in any other capacity in CIDS.
  • Secretary is selected for a term of two years by the EC of CIDS.
  • The term may be extended as determined by the EC.


  • Member of the sub-committee should be a member of CIDS.
  • The members are selected by the chair in consultation with the EC.
  • Subcommittee size of up to 8 members is suggested.
  • Honorary expert members who are not CIDS members can be invited by the chair in consultation with the CIDS executive committee.
  • The president, secretary and treasurer of CIDS will be ex-officio members of all subcommittees.

The Chair and secretary are tasked with developing terms of reference for the subcommittee which should be presented and approved by the EC. This should also include working with strategic partners, like other societies.

The Chair of the subcommittee, in consultation with the members, will plan for activities as deemed appropriate within the scope of their terms of reference.

Subcommittee should meet at least once a year, preferably during the subcommittee events and/or during the CIDS conference.

Funds raised for the subcommittee activities will be in the CIDS name and routed through the CIDS account and will follow CIDS guidelines for fund collections.

All expenditure above 1 lakh rupees should be approved in advance by the CIDS governing body and the bills to be submitted after the event for making the payments.

The chair of the subcommittee is responsible for obtaining sufficient funds for its activities and ensuring that overall policies of CIDS are followed.

Resolutions and activities of the subcommittee, including the financial statement (which will be prepared in consultation with the Treasurer of CIDS) should be presented by the Chair during the annual EC meeting to be endorsed by the executive committee. In the event of the Chair not being available, the Secretary of the subcommittee may be allowed to present as a special, non-voting invitee.

The activities of the subcommittee have to be presented in the general body meeting.

Extraordinary or emergent decisions of the subcommittee may be permitted by the CIDS office bearers- President, Secretary and Treasurer, but should be with approval of the majority of the executive committee. Email communication may be considered acceptable for documentation for such situations, but these need to be regularized at the next available opportunity.