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Combating Infections

Our commitment to a vibrant future.

Combating Infections

Our commitment to a vibrant future.

Combating Infections

Our commitment to a vibrant future.

Welcome to CIDS

Welcome to the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society (CIDS), where our commitment to advancing the specialty of Infectious Diseases in India comes to life. We are thrilled to have you explore our activities, where knowledge, collaboration, and innovation converge to address the complex challenges posed by infectious diseases.

At CIDS, we strive for excellence in all facets of our mission – from providing cutting-edge education for healthcare professionals to fostering groundbreaking research and tirelessly advocating for the highest standards of patient care. Our society has evolved into a dynamic hub, bringing together a diverse community of physicians, healthcare professionals, and scientists, all dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the field of Infectious Diseases.

Our Vision

Our vision is a resilient nation, where the impact of infectious diseases is minimized, prioritizing the well-being of individuals and communities.


Our mission is to combat infectious diseases in India by educating healthcare professionals, disseminating new knowledge, advancing research, and advocating for the highest quality care for patients. ​

Strategic priorities

  • Foster the continuous education of healthcare professionals.
  • Train and nurture the next generation of Infectious Diseases physicians.   
  • Disseminate cutting-edge knowledge to both healthcare professionals and the public.
  • Champion the highest standards of patient care by serving as the premier professional organization influencing health policy in Infectious Diseases.
  • Propel advancements in patient care and research in Infectious Diseases by strengthening clinicians, researchers, and educators.
  • Facilitate collaboration and engagement between physicians and governmental bodies in shaping infectious diseases policymaking in India.
  • Cultivate collaborations with like-minded organizations and experts worldwide to foster a synergistic exchange of knowledge, resources, and innovative strategies.
  • Establish ourselves as key opinion leaders on matters pertaining to Infectious Diseases.

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Email: secretary@cidsindia.org
Phone: +91-8754209461


84, Meher Arcade Complex 1st Floor,
Ida Scudder Road,
Vellore 632004

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