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Upcoming Events

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ID Master Class

The ID Master Class is specifically tailored to cater to the educational needs of postgraduate trainees in infectious diseases. This serves as a opportunity for trainees from various institutions to delve into the complexities of infectious diseases management. Through interactive sessions, case discussions, and expert presentations, participants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of infectious diseases, enhance their clinical acumen, and refine their diagnostic and therapeutic skills. The forum provides a supportive learning environment where trainees can exchange ideas, seek guidance from seasoned professionals, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the ID Master Class Monthly Forum equips postgraduate trainees with the tools and insights necessary to excel in their careers.  

ID Collaborative Forum

The "ID Collaborative Forum" serves as a dynamic platform where professionals from diverse fields converge to explore the intricate landscape of infectious diseases. Each month, experts and enthusiasts alike gather to engage in vibrant discussions, exchange insights, and share the latest advancements in the field. This forum fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, bridging the gap between specialties and facilitating a holistic understanding of infectious diseases. Through its monthly gatherings, the ID Collaborative Forum cultivates a supportive environment for knowledge dissemination, networking, and the exploration of innovative strategies in the realm of infectious disease management and prevention.

Antifungal Lecture Series

The Antifungal Lecture Series offers a comprehensive platform designed to educate and empower healthcare professionals with the latest insights and advancements in diagnosis of fungal infections and antifungal therapy. Tailored to meet the needs of clinicians, and healthcare practitioners, this series provides a curated selection of lectures, and interactive sessions focused on the complexities of antifungal treatment strategies. Covering topics ranging from antifungal pharmacology and resistance mechanisms to clinical applications and emerging therapies, the series equips participants with a deep understanding of antifungal agents' mechanisms of action and their role in combating fungal infections. Through engaging presentations by leading experts in the field and opportunities for collaborative learning and discussion, the Antifungal Lecture Series serves as a cornerstone for advancing knowledge and optimizing patient care in the realm of antifungal therapy.


The CIDS Kerala Chapter, established in 2021, hosts a monthly educational event known as ID FrIDay. This online program occurs every month on the first or second Friday with the aim of promoting infectious diseases (ID) awareness in Kerala and beyond. The session features a lecture, a succinct review of 5 journal articles, and a challenging ID case discussion. Moving forward, the CIDS Kerala Chapter intends to broaden its scope by engaging in relevant research within the realms of infectious diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, and infection control.